About Me

Welcome to my world! Born and raised in the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and since 2019, living in Ottawa, Canada. Moving from the capital of one nation to another has been a tale of contrasts - from the sweltering hot summers in Abu Dhabi to Ottawa's frigid winter snowscapes. This move marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.

Growing up in an international school in Abu Dhabi, I was exposed to people of different cultures and had the privilege of meeting people from various ethnic backgrounds. Moving from a diverse upbringing in Abu Dhabi to a country as diverse as Canada has immensely helped me network professionally and forge friendships in a new environment. However, landing in Ottawa was completely unexpected. During family visits to Canada, since I was a child, we always gravitated towards the Greater Toronto Area, leading me to believe that I would end up there once the time for the “big move” (moving to university) came. Before my senior year, I went on a summer tour across several different universities in Canada - from the GTA to Waterloo, and even as far as Montreal - Ottawa somehow never made the list. In fact, it was not even a thought until I applied for universities a few months later. It's fascinating how life has a way of surprising you, leading you to paths you never planned to explore.

Here I am five years later in 2023, almost completed my degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa. This journey has not only expanded my knowledge but also opened doors to various professional experiences, learning opportunities, and career-building interactions.

My interests, however, extend beyond economics. I am deeply fascinated by technology, the world of investing, and entrepreneurship. Over the last two years, I have embraced my tech-savvy side, exploring how technology can streamline our daily lives and boost efficiency. Data, in its many forms, captivates me. I have committed to learning as much as possible about it, taking university courses, and completing online classes that allow me to explore the world of data analysis.

But there's more to me than just numbers and tech. Music is an essential part of my everyday life. After quitting classes multiple times as a child, I rekindled my love for the guitar and began learning the piano during my final years of high school. Today, I have also ventured into creating my own music, exploring various genres, and expressing myself through these melodies.

Most recently, I have developed a deep fascination with watchmaking and timepieces. The watch enthusiasts were right… it really is a never-ending loophole of interest. The precision, craftsmanship, and history behind the creation of each watch captivates me —it's a continuous journey of discovery and appreciation.

In summary, I am a blend of numbers, notes, and narratives. An economics student with a flair for technology, a music enthusiast both day and night, an individual who believes in the power of self-taught skills, and a professional driven by a desire to learn and grow. Whether for professional collaboration or to share our mutual interests, feel free to get in touch. I am always open to engaging in conversations and new opportunities for growth.