PwC US Technology Consulting Job Simulation - Forage
Completed a job simulation for a Technology Consultant role at PwC, including tasks such as crafting an interview guide for client discovery, generating user stories for critical business needs, outlining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) plan for improving the compliance system, and preparing an executive summary slide for the client presentation.
Bloomberg Market Concepts

Completed the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) course, showcasing a strong understanding of financial markets through
proficiency in analyzing economic indicators, and utilizing the Bloomberg Terminal for efficient data retrieval and market


PwC Switzerland Financial Audit Virtual Case Experience - Forage
Completed a job simulation involving auditing, financial analysis, and research experiencing what it would be like to be on PwC's audit team. Used Excel to calculate materiality and establish benchmark percentages, and developed clear PowerPoint presentations to effectively communicate audit findings to stakeholders.
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence - Udemy
A comprehensive certificate program focused on data analytics and visualization through utilizing PowerBI. The course included the completion of two full-scale projects that required data manipulation for business insights presentation. Developed skills in designing interactive reports and dashboards for complex data visualization, data transformation, modeling, and DAX-driven custom calculations. Additionally, I adopted techniques for data extraction from diverse sources, seamlessly integrating them into Power BI.